How Copy Protection Helps Protect Documents

Suppose you are a struggling author and you send out your first script in a digital format to a publisher. After a number of days has passed by, you decide to give them a call to check up on the status of your work, and they tell you that your script needed more work and that they will not be able to work with you at that time. Fast forward 3 months later and one fine day you decide to rent a movie in the same genre as you write for. Half way into the movie you come to a realization that the movie is based on the script you had sent out to them a few months back, with the same characters and a similar storyline.

More and more people in the field of creative works face a situation like the one described above at some point in their lives. And as a result, many shy away from sharing their most important works that could get them the recognition they so deserve. Time are a bit different nowadays as there are many data protection solutions that exist in the market. However, with many artists struggling to make their mark n the scene, the last thing they need is being overburdened with activities that further deplete their already exhausted resources.

This software is specialized data copy protection software that lets you protect your scripts, screenplays, stories, novels, poems, articles and other creative writing material or important documents. With this program, you can share your ideas with your peers without enabling them to copy your whole story.

The data protection provided by this program is drive-specific and allows you to protect your most important work by limiting access to your work by disallowing your data to be run from any unauthorized drive. It works by converting your files into copy protected executable application using advanced multilayer copy protection technology which cannot be tampered in any way. All you are required to do to begin protecting your data and information is to simply add the files you wish to protect from illegal copying and distribution directly to Copy Protect, select the drive or medium where you want to save these protected files, and leave the rest to the application.It converts all supported formats into copy protected applications and burns them to a CD/DVD or copy them to a portable or fixed drive so that you can freely share this drive or CD/DVD with anyone without the fear of data being copied or stolen.

All your worries about data theft and data leak are put to rest with the simple but feature-rich copy protect. It provides a user-friendly interface, easy navigation menus, and simple wizards to help you start protecting your data from being illegally accessed and copied.

Until recently, you were at the mercy of either lawyers, expensive applications, or other such means that only burdened you more with unnecessary or real means of recovery or protection. But now you have the power in your hands. It will not only get you across the many hurdles that you will have to face during the initial time you have to get up on your feet to make your mark, but also stays with you all the way through your successful years.

This software is a product of NewSoftwares Inc., a Beaverton based corporation.