Role Of Communication In Building A Positive Client-Attorney Relationship

Any attorney is bound to follow his work ethics and needs to ensure proper communication with his clients at any mentioned time. There are rules that mention clearly that it is the duty of an attorney to keep the client in loop and keep him informed of all the decisions which requires his approval. It clearly indicates that the lawyer is to discuss in detail about the steps he would be taking to achieve the desired result. It also requires that the lawyer keep the client informed about the status of the case at every point. The lawyer also needs to answer any questions that the client may have with regards to the case and also explain everything clearly so as to enable the client think and make informed decisions.

In most cases when a criminal attorney is needed it means that the matter is serious and the client’s future may be at stake. The result of the crime may be incarceration, employment loss, loss of important privileges like the right to bear arms or right to vote and even sometimes stigmatization. The thought of the consequences may leave the client with a lot of stress. It is the job of the criminal lawyer to help relieve a bit of this stress by providing alternatives and making them confident.

Only when the lawyer listens and completely understands his client will he be able to represent the client effectively. Looking into the case with the client’s perspective is vital. Once the lawyer hears his client’s side he will then have to look into all the reports filed by the police and try to decipher everything through the client’s account. The lawyer needs to clearly explain every bit of the case and ensure the client’s understanding so that he can identify if it is necessary to plead guilty or to take the case to trial.

Many a times, defendants are not satisfied with their attorney because of the fact that they have not been adequately informed of the good and bad facts. This may lead them to be forced into submitting a guilty plea without understanding why they have to do it. It is important that the attorney explains to his client why it is best to plead guilty. The most important thing is that ultimately the client is happy with the choices given to him.

Though it is the criminal attorney who makes plans to work strategically, it is vital that the client understands that he is the one who requires making huge decisions.