Online Providers of Legal Forms

Legal websites offering a wide range of legal forms are ubiquitous on the Internet. Some legal websites specialize in specific legal areas while others offer different forms in a various areas of the law. Forms offered by various websites may vary in price and quality. Different websites also vary in terms of technical support provided to clients.

Consumers seeking inexpensive forms have to do comparative online shopping in order to obtain the best legal forms in terms of price and quality. Some forms are straightforward such as a car bill of sale which purpose is to buy/sell a vehicle. Such form is simple and easy to draft and may be purchased online without much reluctance. Other forms are more complicated in nature, content and length such as a release agreement. This type of legal form has to be professionally drafted by an expert in the field. It is therefore imperative to understand the risks involved in purchasing an online legal form. Some legal websites are in fact lawyers, law offices or law firms providing a service on the Internet as opposed to in person. The Internet growth gave rise to a whole new market. Lawyers and law firms recognized that they have to enter this new market to capture new clients. Accordingly, these legal institutions created legal websites in order to cater to new customers. Therefore, many of the legal websites are in fact virtual lawyers providing an online service.

Some legal websites offer fill in the blanks legal documents. These are ready made and professionally drafted documents that require clients to enter their information into the document. The legal document is downloaded and then saved on the customer’s computer. Personal information can then be entered into the document on the computer and the document can subsequently be printed. Conversely, the document can be printed out and one’s information can be manually entered by hand. This is the simplest type of an online legal document. Another type of online legal forms requires the customer to enter their information online before the document is downloaded. When downloaded, the document would contain all the information and is ready to be printed out.

Regardless of the type of online legal forms provided, it is imperative to select a professional online provider that offers a professional service and a quality product. As well, it is essential that the legal website provides an outstanding technical support for its customers which includes the ease of obtaining the service, the efficiency in downloading the document and the effectiveness in responding to customers’ inquiries in a timely manner.