5 Most Common Road Traffic Offences

Over the years, driving has turned out to be the real fun because vehicles have become safer, more eco-friendly and fuel efficient. At the same time, quality of driving is becoming poorer and police has to deal with the millions of traffic offences every year. Though, if you believe that you are a very good driver but still there are some set rules or laws that you should follow to assure a safe driving.

There are various types of traffic violations that you should avoid and becoming vigilant of these offences will assure that you are abiding by the law and will also help you from being prosecuted by the law. In this article, we will discuss about some of the most common road traffic offences that can put you in trouble. Take a look below:

Neglecting Speed Limits

Speeding is considered as the most common traffic offence. Most of the drivers drive above the speed limit in urban areas. If you are caught speeding you may get disqualified from driving or points on your license. You could also be charged with the fine up to £1,000 to £2500. The speeding limit for the urban areas is 30mph and 60mph on the carriage ways.

Using Mobile Phone While Driving

Avoid making calls or texting while driving because it is illegal to drive using mobiles or hand held phones, while this law doesn’t implies directly on using hands free phone. You can only make an emergency call on 999 when it is not viable to stop.

Driving Under Alcohol or Drugs Influence

According to the reports, most of the accidents and violation cases occur when driver drives under the heavy intake of alcohol or drugs. To avoid any kind of offences, it is crucial to stay away from any kind of unlawful substances.

Dangerous Driving

Traffic offences occur when driver uses unsafe techniques of driving resulting into damage of property or lives. It is considered as crime and is punishable by lengthy imprisonment. You can avoid this by driving on safe side of road, taking driving lessons and obeying traffic rules.

Driving with Suspended License or without License

If you are driving without license, it is considered as crime equal to the theft or fraud. If your license has suspended or you don’t have license and you need to go out in emergency, then it is better to take your friend to drive instead of driving yourself.

You should need to be aware of the traffic laws of your country, so that you will always remain free from the criminal charges that are implied due to road traffic offences. Be careful, be safe!