Most Fatal Driver Mistakes on the Road

Based on the estimate provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are about 37, 313 people who got killed in car crashes last 2008. If this isn’t a really good reason to be more careful while on the road, then we don’t know what is.

As a car owner and vehicular driver, you need to understand that drivers are not created equal. There are some drivers who are too brash while on the road while others are too defensive and slow. Some drivers are even downright clueless. The only common thing about them is that they can turn a perfectly good day on the road into a nightmare in a single move. Here are a few of the most fatal mistakes that drivers make while on the road.

Swerving: This is considered as the number one mistake which most drivers commit in an everyday basis. It is also the simplest mistake- not staying in the correct lane. For instance, a driver might run off the road or drift to the adjacent lane. This mistake had caused around 15,000 deaths.

Driving While Drowsy: Driving a car when you are tired can be very dangerous. This mistake is as dangerous as driving while drunk. To that end, it is best to get a good night sleep the night before if you are planning on a road trip. If you are really drowsy, it is best to pull over at the side of the road and rest for a bit.

Drinking And Driving: Alcohol is one of the leading causes of car crashes. It has caused about 40% of the total 40,000 deaths from car crashes. Even if you only have had a few glasses of alcoholic drink, it is best to avoid getting behind the wheel. Alcohol can have a negative impact towards your driving skills and decision making abilities; thus, it can increase the risk of getting into an accident. To avoid fatal consequences, do not drink and drive. If you have had alcohol, you can take a cab home or sleep it off in your friend’s house.

Speeding: There are some drivers who act as if they are on a race while they are on the road. They drive faster than the posted speed limit. Speeding ranks second in the highest cause of death in car crashes. You need to understand that when you go beyond the speed limit, you will have a hard time controlling your vehicle. More importantly, you won’t be able to immediately stop when you need to.